WordPress Café at Exove

As you might have guessed our precious Capture Blog is powered with the mighty WordPress. Initially, we set it up with the help of a kind friend and dedicated web-developer Annya Presnyakova. Yet every now and then we make an attempt to improve our own knowledge and skills regarding this platform. Here where the WordPress café comes in the picture!

Yesterday there was a great opportunity for some WordPress learning, due to the regularly organized event by Exove Helsinki, WordPress Café. Moreover, it gave us, as designers, an opportunity to evaluate and appreciate one more office design solution at Exove premises in Ruoholahti.

Socializing and networking
Socializing and networking


The WordPress Café is an event organized every odd month, on the second Tuesdays in the welcoming premises of Exove at Itämerenkatu 1. The event generally includes one educational presentation followed by socializing and networking.

Overview of the SVG icons application from the keynote speaker, Sami Keijonen
Overview of the SVG icons application from the keynote speaker, Sami Keijonen


This time we got to learn from Sami Keijonen the benefits of using SVG icons instead of icon fonts in your websites. Sami also introduced to listeners the Iconmoon App, – a very useful platform for generating, finding or converting SVG.

If you want to learn more about WordPress there are, of course, all the resources: tutorials, blogs and forums, available in the internet, but the important part of the WordPress Café and its biggest value is to network, meet people in person. A great opportunity to share your experiences and goals without looking at the computers’ screen!..

Mark in your calendars and don’t miss when WordPress Café at Exove opens its doors next time after the summer break on Tuesday, 13th of September 2016!

Marina Smirnova,
from your favorite Capture Design