Value of 3D visualizations! Case: Tuxera Office Café

The very first project we did for one of our favorite clients, Workspace Oy, is now fully finished. Together with a gorgeous design it revealed the whole value of 3D visualizations!…

Finally, the delicious design by interior architects at Workspace Oy has been brought to life at the Tuxera’s office in Helsinki. It felt amazing to see the result of the common effort. However, the crucial successful starting point for the project was detailed 3D modeling.

Tuxera 3D Visualization
The original 3D rendering of the Tuxera Café Interior by Capture Design for Workspace Oy
Tuxera Workspace
The final outcome of the common effort, a view to the finished interior of Tuxera Cafe

The value of 3D visualizations

An artistic visualization played a vital role throughout the whole process, and here is why:
– Realistic 3D visualization allows designers to efficiently present their creation to clients, leaving them almost speechless.

Artistic approach makes the renderings particularly attractive, since everything from general composition to all the details is in place.

– Execution of the working drawing goes fast and smooth, since everything has been already picked and confirmed in the virtual reality.
– Construction team has a clear idea what has to be erected, where and how. Thus, mistakes and misunderstandings are minimized.

By the take of it, seems like there is a way to predict the future!.. At least, when it comes to interior design!
So if you are looking for a better way to present your project or struggling to market a venue, give us a call, we will make you an irresistible image or two;)!

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