Upgraded Life Festival. Spatial Design

Upgraded Life Festival is a fantastic event that brings together startups, break through ideas and brave initiatives in Wellness and Health. This year the festival will have one new young, yet a significant partner: Capture Design. We eagerly agreed to develop the spatial solution for the year 2017!..

Upgraded Life Festival
Upgraded Life Festival 2016. Photo credits: Petri Anttila

Upgraded Life Festival – 2017

The Festival will open its doors again during upcoming spring, as before in Biomedicum, Helsinki. The event is organized by the hardworking team from HealthSPA and brought to life with a help of volunteers. The visitors and exhibitors of the event range widely in age and occupation. Therefore, the atmosphere had to be suitable for different generations. The organizing team was looking for fresh and memorable solutions that are easy to execute.

Design Process & Spatial Solutions

Upgraded Life Festival is organized for the 4th time next year. Therefore, together with the main briefing, we got the valuable feedback from the previous visitors.

First, it was fundamental to create a functional layout. Navigation between the stands has to be natural and easy for the visitors. All stands should also be equally visible and reachable.

However, as important as the layout was the atmosphere. Fortunately, the atrium space of Biomedicum is wide and bright. Thus we got a brave idea to create an impressive ceiling installation for the duration of the Festival.

Guidance & Stands

Obviously,  good guidance is crucial for a successful fair. In our case, first of all, colorful taping on the floor will lead people to the right direction. Additionally, fun plant pods with arrows will stand on the ventilation poles. Finally, bright colorful LED light will attract visitors to the most important common spaces: VIP area, stages, and toilets.

Proposed layout consists of a number of stands varying in size. To separate stands from each other we will use carpets repeating the festival brand colors. Coincidently, Biomedicum provides a stock of tables and chairs that festival will use. However, eventually, to keep the atmosphere of the event light and fresh we will cover the tables with white fabrics.

Upgraded Life Festival is a great event, which expands the vision and opportunities for the health industry. Obviously, we are grateful to have the chance to contribute to the wellbeing of the world even in such a seemingly small scale. As the saying goes: “be the change you want to see in the world”, and that is what Upgraded Life Festival is all about 🙂