The Best of Formex 2016, Marina’s Top 5

Have a look at more great designs from Stockholm.
The Best of Formex 2016, Marina’s Choice:

1. A Material in Motion

Beautiful and truly unique glass pieces by Nina Johanna Christensen. Even after 10 years of practice, Nina still discovers techniques to learn and skills to develop. For her, the process of glass blowing is equal to meditation due to the full presence in the moment

2. Nova One

A series of bathroom accessories, by ZONE, Denmark. Danish design is as always, simple and pleasant. This collection charmed me with its pallet and smooth porcelain shapes.

3. New Textile by Anette Jakobsson

Anette is a textile design teacher in Stockholm who is just starting her entrepreneurial path with this new textile design collection.
Bold and geometrical patterns would fit well in modern homes.

 Rust Me Home Design
Cute and eco-friendly bark-based bowls at the Rust Me Home Design Stand

4. Ecological designs by Rust Me

Meet the most amazing products from peat, leaves, and trees bark. Rust Me is a young organization, promoting young designers across Baltic countries and their sustainable and ecological creations. I personally, loved the bark bowls and the panels from treated peat.

5. Liten Jizo home statue, by Lena Sandö

A merge between the Japanese Jizo and Swedish Hus-Troll, that comes with luck and protection. Each big 5kg soft concrete statue has a smaller mobile version, hiding cutely in the big brother pocket. Liten Jizos come in 7 different colors and launch the warmest feelings and happiest smile, the moment you see them.