Residence in Lieto: Modern Classics for KVH-Rakennus Oy

During this April we worked on a project in collaboration with KVH-Rakennus Oy. The company is building two new houses in Lieto and marketing for these houses should be launched promptly. That’s where we, almost literally, jumped into the picture. We created interior design for 2 houses and 2 exterior renderings to serve as marketing tools for our customer.

Details and decoration inspiration
Details and decoration inspiration

Two Houses – Two Stories

Even though located side by side, the two houses have two different layouts. Thus we got inspired to design totally different  interiors. Meanwhile, the interior design for a bigger house was decided to be modern and classic. For the second, smaller house we chose a fresh and romantic style. For the classic modern living-room we choose harmonic, pleasant color scheme. Naturally, furniture selection is a mix of local and international masterpieces.


Generally, we always  create marketing renderings in collaboration with our customers. Collaboration keeps the project course smooth and efficient. Once  we receive a carefully compiled brief from our client, we take care of interior design and execution of high-quality 3D renderings. Eventually, a good image is a start of a new story – could this be your new home?

Many thanks to KVH-Rakennus Oy for the smooth collaboration and exciting, first project!

With best regards, Ida Broms, on behalf of Capture Design