Obica Mozzarella bar. Style and Taste.

Industrial style with a tender touch!

Naturally, in Italy, we were determined to eat awesome Italian food. Once the Margarita pizza, pasta Pomodoro and countless cappuccinos were covered, it was time to try some proper mozzarella. For that purpose, we headed towards Brera district of Milan to find the Obicà Mozzarella Bar. Subsequently, upon arrival, we were pleasantly surprised with the spatial solution of the café.

Obica Mozzarella bar
Interior & Atmosphere

In the beginning, a welcoming terrace with white Tolix chairs and fresh table decorations catches your attention. Same chairs occupy the main inner hall of the restaurant. Finally, wooden tables and matching bar stools complete the look.

Interior of Obica Mozzarella Bar is a wise mix of industrial style, soft textures and cheerful details

However, the star piece of the space is full-height wine bar at the back wall. In general, a proper interior design, I believe is as important to the cafeteria’s success as its food. Inevitably, good food tastes even better in the right atmosphere. In this case, the interior is a wise mix of industrial style, soft textures and cheerful details, like lemons or plants. Regarding the food, Mozzarella di Buffalo that gently surrounded my salad was simply perfect. Finally, I know how the real mozzarella should taste like*.

Obica Mozzarella bar
Atmosphere in the Obica Mozzarella Bar goes well with the Menu

Obica Mozzarella bar

Obica Mozzarella bar
Details and colors

Obica Mozzarella bar

Pick Your Obica Mozzarella Bar

Undoubtedly, if you are traveling to Milan, mark the two locations for Obicà Mozzarella Bar: at the Via Mecato in Brera and at Via Santa Radegonda in the heart of the city. Make sure not to miss your chance to enjoy the interiors and the food.

Sincerely yours, Marina Gretsova
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** Find the full foodie side of the story and some insights about mozzarella in the GourmetPassi blog.

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