Marketing Images for Real Estate

Property and construction business is now bustling in a Capital Region of Finland. Among the others rapidly growing companies are constantly looking for new premises. In the end of 2016, we started a collaboration with Aalto University Campus & Real Estate department – ACRE. ACRE offers great unique environments for research, development and teaching.

The General Brief

The leasing project for the Open Innovation House started just before the Christmas holidays. ACRE found a potential client to rent the space and needed proper marketing materials, as soon as possible. Moreover, spatial solutions and branding of the space had to be thought through according to the new tenant. The project appeared a perfect case for our team, since we can both rapidly design and create realistic 3D visualizations for the premises.

The rented area included a restaurant lounge with a reception on the 1st floor and an activity based office on the 3rd one. Subsequently, we designed terraces and a co-working space as well.

Marketing Images for Real Estate

Marketing Images for Real Estate
Fresh, startup-style look in an Open Office Area

Interior Design

Marketing images for real estate businesses always require considering the special features of the building. In this case the space itself was extraordinary nice – spacious and full of light. Additionally, in the office area there was one full-height green plant wall.

The new office design consisted of open office area, common lounge for casual meetings and rooms for individual work. Firstly, we defined the functions and created the furniture layouts to see how many work stations fit in the space. Secondly, we created the fresh, startup-style look and feel for the spaces, based on the tenants’ wishes. Therefore, several unique elements were an important part of the design. We went for some bold moves: ice cream and coffee carts, blocks of wood as coffee tables and pallets for the floor elevations, just to mention a few.

Several unique elements were an important part of the design.

Moreover, company’s brand played a big part in the office interior design. According to the brand colors of the tenant we used shades of red, tinted with drops of refreshing green. Open office areas remained always neutral while spots for meeting and individual work were colorful.

Additionally, due to the change of the restaurant owner in the first floor, it was important to make a detailed 3D rendering of the reception and surroundings. Since the restaurant is directly integrated to the entrance area, visualizing the merge of these two brands and functions was an important part of the project as well.

Marketing Images for Real Estate
Merge of a new Restaurant and an Entrance Area

Marketing Images

Clearly, marketing images for real estate should look appealing. Through high-quality 3D visualizations we helped our client and the new tenant to better understand the spatial potential of the Open Innovation House.

Moreover, once project goes further, detailed 3D renderings help to get a clear understanding of the upcoming interior design. Further on, we provide our clients with more detailed documents and drawings. Setting up a new business premises couldn’t be more exciting!