Marina Gretsova

All you always wanted to know about Marina, but was afraid to ask!


Born in Novosibirsk, Russia.
Education: 6 years of Art & Design Education in Russia. MA in Spatial & Product Design, in Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland.
Specialized in: Residential interior design. 3D Modeling & Rendering.
Work experience: 8+ years in residential & public interior, product & furniture design; all types of 3D visualizations.
Besides design: loves horse riding, traveling, good coffee, and constant moving.

Finish the sentence:

My role in Capture Design is…  generally, to take care of all the geeky stuff: setting up computers, 3D modeling and rendering, buying the right coffee and keeping office dust-free. Additionally, I do my best to bring the other perspective to design, focus on practical necessities, but most importantly, keep the whole working process fun – which means making a lot of stupid jokes during the day!

I love my job because… …I get to create, the feeling, the atmosphere. My job allows me to help people live and work in better environments. In other cases, our images help our clients communicate better with their customers. I love it because it challenges me every week, because of the thrill I get with every new project, and because when I do my 3D visualizations there is always a ctrl+Z.

When I work I… I succeed, I fail, I learn a lot. Inevitably, the work we do, the world and we are constantly changing. However, it is up to us, to choose the direction of the changes or to just get carried away with the flow….

If I wasn’t a designer I would be…  a developer. In any case, I would like to apply my imagination and mathematical mind towards creating something new, useful and awesome.

My strongest side… is the ability to work fast and under pressure.

That day will come when l…  …will drive my own Aston Martin!

If I have a million euro… in case that I already have an Aston Martin by then, I will reinvest part in Capture Design and donate most of it to charity. For instance, to help scientists heal those people who got paralyzed.

I have no idea about… which mushrooms are eatable, how can people give up eating cheese and why would we colonize Mars.

Next I will learn how… hopefully,  how to speak Finnish… ( plan B, just in case plan A fails: to make awesome videos )

If I was a… I would be…

Car: Lamborghini Aventador
Animal: Cheetah
Music: Adventures Movie OST
Drink: Coffee
Country: Thailand
Day of the week: Thursday
Time of the day: Morning
Color: Cherry
Food: Tom Kha Gai
Nature: Lake in the mountains