Luxurious Bathroom Design: Follow the light

Recently, we had the joy to work on luxurious bathroom design concepts as the entries to a joined competition by Salini and 3DDD. Aiming to reach different users we worked on two seemingly opposite styles. However, both of them presenting chic and luxurious bathroom design.

Competition Hosts:

In general, 3DDD is a vast online-community of 3D artists, organized in Russia. Meanwhile, Salini is a bathtub retailer, who is seeking for new opportunities to market their products.

Design Challenge:

The challenge was to create a slick and sophisticated bathroom design, showcasing one of the bathtubs from all the possible angels. Clearly, we loved the idea of the competition and saw it as a great opportunity to express our style.

salini ettora

salini ettora
A fusion of a Scandinavian and Classic style

Design Inspiration & Solutions

In this version we used the Ettora model, from the Salini’s model range. Generally, when we gathered ideas for this concept our main source of inspiration was Scandinavian design. However, to spice it up a bit we merged it with a classical style.

An American architect, Louis Sullivan, once said:

“Form follows functions”

Following these wise words, the design process started, as always, by defining the layout and functions for the bathroom. The interior feels spacious, thus luxurious, as it contains nothing, but the necessity.

Furthermore, we defined colors and materials for the walls, keeping it all simple. To add a Russian touch ( since the competition takes place among the Russian audience), we used the floor tiles with a morocco pattern. All the shapes in the space are smooth and rounded, including the bathtub itself.

We warmly welcome your support for our competition work, if you are not registered at 3DDD portal, feel free to do it or just send us some positive vibes! We highly appreciate that too!

Salini Ettora by Capture Design

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