Ida Broms

All you always wanted to know about Ida, but was afraid to ask!


Born in Lahti, Finland.
Education: BA in Lahti University of Applied Sciences, University of Design, Interior Architecture and Furniture Design.
Specialized in: modern office interior design.
Work experience:  4 years of in Finland and Russia as an interior architect and 3D artist.
Besides design: enjoys biking, jogging and good food with friends or boyfriend.

Finish the sentence:

My role in Capture Design is…  to design. My days are all about planning, drawing and searching for perfect solutions for our customers. Moreover, I am in charge of our Company’s image and brand. I am the serious one: I like to get straight to the point, jokes aside!

I love my job because… it is exactly what I wanted to do as a kid. During long summer holidays, I drew layouts and built cardboard houses. I love to think of life from a spatial perspective. Additionally, I am lucky to have a great business partner and a workplace that we created together. We have all the freedom in the world to choose how, where and when we work.

My strongest side… is that I am very disciplined and stubborn. My mind works fast, but my hands even faster. I am good at keeping deadlines and I work in a systematic manner. I admire integrity and ability to “walk the walk”, not just “talk the talk”.

When I work I… do not like to be interrupted. I wake up early and work efficiently for couple of hours before the phone starts to ring and emails to arrive.

If I wasn’t a designer I would be… a comic artist. I am a visual person and I truly believe that one image is worth a thousand words. The best comic strips are intellectually challenging, relevant in topics and insightful in style.

That day will come when l…  will design my own apartment. I like to live in medium-size cities, like Helsinki. The apartment itself must have high ceilings, big windows, open kitchen and a sauna.

If I have a million euro… I would create new businesses. It could be rental apartments, a food truck, a new co-working space or a selling platform, here are my ideas just to mention a few.

I have no idea about… how to dress up according to the weather. I forget to take warm close to Russia and sun hat to Italy, but it doesn’t stop me from enjoying the trip!

Next I will learn how… to communicate better. I truly admire empathic people, who have the ability to put themselves in someone’s shoes.

If I was a… I would be…

Car: Citroén
Animal: Trotter
Music: Lost Frequencies – Reality
Drink: Champagne
Country: Russia
Day of the week: Tuesday
Time of the day: Morning
Color: Red
Food: Rye bread
Nature: Sea