Formex 2016 Inspiration: Ida’s Top 5

Last week we had a great opportunity to visit Formex Design Fair in Stockholm. Please have a look at Formex 2016 Inspiration: Ida’s Top 5!


1. Kotten

Initially, Robert Kraft saw a tip from women’s magazine, how to turn a cone into a fire starter. Further on, he developed the idea and soon founded the Kotten. Nowadays company sells cones in a beautiful gift box, which could be for instance a great present for a dinner party host.

2. Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler is an American designer and potter. As a young lawyer he realized that is not exactly what he wants to do and, thus, he changed the direction of his career. Now his unique collection consists of dishware, furniture, textiles and home décor.

3. Göteborgs Fabrikerna

Do you remember those troll dolls from our childhood? – I do! Now Göteborgs Fabrikerna produces ceramic “lucky trolls” as a home decoration. Trolls are just one example from the company’s wide collection of home goods, textiles and tableware.

4. TeddySit

10 years ago Pia Ravh Thyssen made a booster seat for her own child. Subsequently, this very first prototype gave foundation for a business. She founded TeddySit two years ago and now the company successfully collaborates with restaurants and kinder gardens.

5. Americana

Swedish-American couple, Sven and Gina, are the founders of Americana, which sells authentic, American décor and vintage goods. “The most popular products from their collection are plastic flamingos, vintage posters and led letters,” says Sven Holdar.