Finnish Design Shop Competition: Juna

It is  useful and beneficial for all designers, regardless of their experience, to participate in the industry competitions. We do our best to find time for the most interesting ones. For instance, we took part in Nespresso Positive Cup Challenge in Autumn and, further on, in the Finnish Design Shop Competition, this winter. For the former one, we made 2 entries. Even though, we didn’t get the top prize it was absolutely worth participating. Completion projects allow unleashing the creativity and polishing presentation skills. Even more, when all work completed, design studio get one more project to share with the audience:)

FDS Competition Juna

FDS Competition Juna

Modular shelve “Juna”, design, 3D modeling & rendering by Capture Design
Modular shelve “Juna”, design, 3D modeling & rendering by Capture Design


The main goal of the Finnish Design Shop Competition was to create a new product that would fit in the existing collection, could be easily produced and shipped. From the whole range of our ideas we selected two main concepts for different locations: a product for a bathroom and a product for a kitchen.
For bathrooms, with our modular shelve design “Juna”( – train, Finnish) we aimed to solve the problem of storing and organizing small objects in our modern bathrooms.


First of all, shelve “Juna” is a modular storage system. Construction includes a light main frame and variety of containers. Containers are easily installed in the frame, fitted one above another or replaced. The whole product is perfect for shipping: frame is light and narrow, fabric containers are fully foldable, solid containers are stackable. Initially, purchased set can be extended with additional containers and frames, which would be sold separately. Applied materials are bamboo, canvas fabric and wood composite for solid boxes.

Subsequently, the final designed was created through the several rounds of brainstorming, iterations, and modeling. An agile approach is especially important in the product design, thus it is always better to work in with constant implementation of users’ feedback. Generally, a common effort is always more fruitful than individual work. Thus, be brave, team up and participate in the next competition! 🙂

One of the searching models for the shelve design - iteration as a key to success
One of the searching models for the shelve design – iteration as a key to success

Furthermore, a story about a product for kitchens is coming soon, stay in touch and do not miss a thing!

Yours sincerely, Smirnova Marina
on behalf of Capture Design