Exterior Visualizations for a Residence in Vaajakoski

Finally, our latest project with Rakennuspalvelu P & P Heikkinen has successfully ended. Thus today we are glad to release the final results: exterior visualizations for marketing. As was told in our previous article at Vaajakoski will be built two new row houses and a tiny lakeside sauna with a fantastic view on the lake.


Eventually, at the lakeside will be a pier that serves as a parking lot for even large boats. Thus the project had a great starting point and camera views were agreed quickly. However, visualizations for Saunarannantie was one of the most challenging exterior visualization projects. Steep, bosky ground with the beach and water demanded both excellent modeling skills and sharp artistic vision; the composition had to be perfect!

Informative view on the row houses of Saunarannantie
Informative view on the row houses of Saunarannantie


We started our collaboration with Rakennuspalvelu P & P Heikkinen already almost two years ago. The company is operating various building projects at the area of Jyväskylä, Finland. Generally, Rakennuspalvelu P & P Heikkinen is using our visualizations for advance sales and marketing since the buyers have to be found before the actual houses are ready.  Based on our experience, a key to success in these projects lies in the detailed briefing at the very beginning. Mainly, to get work started, we need building’s layouts, facades, and a master plan. Additionally, our customers always fill in the project brief for us to get a better understanding of the desired atmosphere and feel.

As the design professionals, we make sure that the whole image is stunning. After all, you only get one chance to make a first impression. These visualizations are for the customer of our client, thus we always mind the details. For instance, at Saunarannantie the perks of the area are the location near the lake in the middle of nature. This residential district offers multiple possibilities for exercising; jog, swim or sail – you name it! All this we captured in one image.

Sunny day at Saunarannantie, Vaajakoski. Visualization by Capture Design Oy
Sunny day at Saunarannantie, Vaajakoski. Visualization by Capture Design Oy

On the whole, once again big thanks to Rakennuspalvelu P & P Heikkinen for the great collaboration!

With best regards, Ida Broms, on behalf of Capture Design

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