Designer’s Home, part II

Last spring we published an article about designer’s home. It turned out rather popular, thus we would like to continue the topic. During this autumn I moved to a new, gorgeous apartment, which is located right at the beginning of Mannerheimintie!

This apartment we rent together with my boyfriend. Our previous apartment in Lönnrotinkatu was just renovated – everything was brand new and modern. Contrary to that, the building of the current apartment, was built already in 1938 and the original kitchen is still there. Previously, our landlady lived in the apartment herself. Her stepmother made the most significant changes in the space: she removed the wall, which divided the space into a bedroom and a living room-kitchen area. Rooms have high ceilings, almost 3 meters, and the apartment feels incredibly spacious, although its area is only around 50 square meters.

Spatial Solutions in Designer’s Home

It took a lot of creativity to design the space. We started by dividing the room into four areas: living room, bed room, working area and a kitchen. Generally, we wanted to separate these areas and decided to build a raised floor. For this purpose we used pallets, which we got for free from a construction site. The raised area is now our living room.

We work a lot at home. Combining a home and an office is a challenging task. We used massive curtains to cover a wall that my boyfriend loves to use for idea maps and To Do lists. This way it is easy to hide everything, when we want to turn off the work mode. We couldn’t fit a dryer in our tiny bathroom, which is why we are currently using it as a desk for our printer. To avoid any questions, we decided to reveal this fact in a form of a text on a door of a dryer.

Furniture, Colors and Materials

In our furniture we combined old-fashion and modern style. Especially we admire the antique armchairs that we found from a Recycling Centre. Our existing tables and chairs we modified by painting their legs in copper. The dominant color of the apartment is different shades of green.

In generall, designing the space together was fun and exciting! It is wonderful to live in the city center of Helsinki and hear how trams are passing us by. On top of all, the view we get, towards Töölönlahti from 4th floor is priceless!

– Ida