3 Reasons Why Design Matters when it Comes to Office Interior Design

During the year, part of our projects include improving or setting up new business premises for young companies.

Sometimes, our client is a rapidly growing startup. In this case, client is often hesitating between two options: to search for a bigger office or improve the existing environment according to the new needs. Here is how we, professionals, help clients tackle their office interior design problems.

1. Test-Fit Layouts

Get the most out of your square meters!

In the example case bellow, our client was looking for a new business premises that could be transformed into a co-working space. First of all, it was crucial to define how many work stations can fit in the offered space. In this stage, we provided the client with spatial solutions and detailed furniture layout which supported their mission and fulfilled their needs.

caloom-co-working-layout2. Impressive Presentation

One image is worth a thousand words!

Usually, young companies have a tiny problem: no money. In other words, they don’t have the real capital yet. Therefore, the next important step for our client was meeting an investor. Clearly, to get the investment, the whole start-up idea should look appealing. You only get one chance to make the first impression.

To ensure a successful pitch, we created for our client 3D visualizations of the new co-working space. With these materials at hand, the project looked even more realistic and promising. Naturally, detailed 3D Renderings help the client and the investor get a clear understanding of the upcoming office interior design.

office interior design
Entrance to a new co-working space

3. Professional Support

Make it happen, shock everyone!

As the project goes further, we provide our clients with more detailed documents and drawings. Additionally, we offer site and procurement supervision to help them execute the solutions perfectly.

On one hand, for a young company hiring an interior designer might seem like an expensive service, yet in a long run it is an investment in quality and overall success of the venture.

By the end of the day, professionally designed office environment supports immensely human productivity and well-being!