Customer Meeting in Tallinn

Inevitably, the summer is getting over and everyone is back to work. For us, the new season started with a kick-off customer meeting in Tallinn.

During autumn 2016, Tallinn Museum of Orders of Knighthood is planning to open its doors in the heart of the old town. Eventually, the museum will be displaying a collection of Knights’ Orders from across the world. Meanwhile, our challenge is to design a range of souvenirs for the museum.

What are Knights’ Orders?

Customer Meeting in Tallinn Tallinn Museum of Orders of Knighthood
One of the treasures, we saw in the museum, during our customer meeting in Tallinn

Fortunately to the future visitors, the museum is well located. You can find it in the old town, just below the Kuninga Restoran, in a basement with arched ceiling. The museum presents a large collection of Knights’’ Orders. In the old times, those medals and collars served as a sign of achievements and a membership in a certain noble community. During our excursion, we were excited to hear the unique stories behind the Orders. Moreover, we were pleased to see the clear cultural impact in the order’s style.

Brainstorming and Ideation

Customer Meeting in Tallinn Must Puudel Café
Coffee break, brainstorming and ideation at Must Puudel Café

Further on, after a guided tour in the museum, we headed for lunch in a nearby restaurant. Even though, the exhibition itself is unique, only a few people are aware of its value. Therefore, for educational purposes as well, the Museum needs a strong personal collection of souvenirs. Souvenirs, which will appeal to a modern consumer. Fortunately, our collective brainstorming during the lunch was fruitful. The list of possible souvenirs grew longer and longer: reflectors, mirrors, coloring books, textiles, puzzles…. First of all, however, together with the customer we will produce several decorated replicas of the Knight’ Orders themselves.

Tallinn Museum of Orders of Knighthood needs a strong personal collection of souvenirs, which will appeal to a modern consumer

Subsequently, on our own, we went to get our daily caffeine at Must Puudel Café. Even though challenging, the task was now clear and we continued our ideation in an inspiring cafeteria. Eventually, when the best ideas are selected we will focus on the design and 3D modeling for the items. Generally, detailed 3D modeling helps us and the customer to see and evaluate the design before execution. More information about the new project will follow!

Visit the webpage of the museum:

P.S. By the way, what souvenir would you like to have? Currently, is a great moment to live a mark in the history of souvenirs! Got an epiphany? Get in touch and share your ideas!

Ida Broms, on behalf of Capture Design Oy