Coworking in Prague – K10: sophisticated & fresh at once!

Traveling gives amazing opportunity to reboot and energize your creative thinking. Moreover, it broads the area for our continuous design hunting. Therefore, K10 – a fresh coworking in Prague was the first spot on our sightseeing list.

These days many professional are traveling around the world, living temporarily in different cities. Fortunately, modern technology provides an opportunity to work from anywhere with an internet access and a plug point. However, one can only work from Starbucks so much, thus we think it’s good to spot a convenient working environment wherever you are. This March, we were lucky to discover K10 coworking in Prague

Coworking in Prague

K10 has opened its doors to the public in June 2016. It is located in a gorgeous building, former residence of Danish Ambassadors, built in 1912. Fortunately, the Diplomatic Service did a fantastic job preserving the exterior and interiors of the building during all those years.
In Sprig 2016 a digital agency Story TLRS was looking for a new office. As they came across the rental offer for this gorgeous, but frankly rather expensive property, the team saw an opportunity. Story TLRS rented the building and converted it into a wonderful coworking. Currently, the elegant fret-worked doors of K10 are open to anyone looking for an inspiring working environment for a day, a month or a year.

Eventually, K10 got so popular, that in order to provide more spaces for tenants, the founders themselves moved to another office few blocks away. The success of the whole venture is understandable. We, personally, appreciated some of the design findings.

Spatial Solutions

By and large K10 coworking in Prague has a fresh and sophisticated vibe.
If we go into details, here is what you will find at Koperníkova 10, in Prague:

  • Gorgeous parquet floors and high ceilings with fretworks
  • Traditional classical chandeliers and beautiful old-fashioned wallpapers
  • Modern workstation equipment, meeting rooms, and lounge areas
  • Lockers for storing things and self-serving zone with coffee and snacks

As additional perks to the successful spatial solutions, you can find a 24/7 reception service from Tuesday to Thursday, gorgeous garden with full wi-fi coverage, a full-time chef and very friendly staff.

When in Prague, come and see with your own eyes! There is a free access for the whole day when you come for the first time. It is quite likely, though, that you will want to come again:)