Which is the best Coworking Design? Coworking Crawling – Part Two!

Coworking crawling continues!.. As part of our design study we continued visiting coworking places in Helsinki. Here are some more design discoveries we made:

# 3 UMA Technopolis

Modern and functional. Various locations in Helsinki and nearby cities.
Well-planned interiors, friendly stuff, really good coffee included.
Website / Facebook Twitter
Pohjoisesplanadi 39,
Helsinki, Suomi, 00100
(and other locations)

What Works?
Successful Design Solutions:

Workstation diversity. Walking across the floor you are free to choose a workstation, fitting your current needs and mood. There are standard bench workstations, electrical tables, isolated working pods and bar tables with stools.
Light and fresh atmosphere. The style of UMA premises is very pleasant: an abundance of wood, rich textures, and light colors.
Full service in place. Nowadays, good design also includes good service. Important elements like personal lockers, comfortable cafeteria and handy stationary, make the whole experience perfect.

What Would Make It Even Better?
Possible Design Improvements:

Human touch. Even though we definitely loved the overall look and feel of the space, it could be even better with a few homey details. Unexpected bright decorations or cute objects, could make the visitors feel more welcomed and the interior more memorable
More electrical tables. Ergonomics, ergonomics and ergonomics. If you have access to the modern technology – use it. Increasing amount of the adjustable electrical tables in the space up to 50% would increase the users’ comfort and well-being.
Noise management. Inevitably, the noise created in the bookshop located on the two floors below raises up through the void and reaches the coworking space. Even though white noise is considered a good thing for concentration, application of some acoustic panels could be a nice addition to the design.

#4 Mothership of Work

Huge, diverse and epic. Designed by professionals for professionals.
Website / Facebook / Instagram
Pieni Roobertinkatu 9,
00130 Helsinki

What Works?
Successful Design Solutions:

Comprehensive style. All floors of the coworking are wearing the same memorable, thought through design. Dark natural color palette and careful furniture selection make a special atmosphere.
Functionality. The space is fully equipped and well planned. There are several large lounge areas, 2 common kitchens, meeting rooms of all sizes, phone booths and plenty of workstation areas, of course.
Scale. The premises are large and versatile. The scale of the whole coworking makes it not only great workplace for many to join, but also a perfect arena for social events and parties. Work hard, play harder!

What Would Make It Even Better?
Possible Design Improvements:

Friendlier atmosphere. Meanwhile intense and dark colors work great for restaurants, at the workstation, humans would feel more joyful surrounded by light and fresh shades. Thus, in our opinion, for the coworking it could be good to use a more cheerful color palette.
Guidance and navigation. Even though a full map of the campus is available on the website, it would be great to have a printed detailed version on each of the 5 floors of the building. Moreover, it would be great to add the floor numbers directly on the doors. At the moment, the floor numbers hide within the artistic painting on the staircase, to some level, too succesfully.
Easier logistics. The strict security system includes opening each door with your personal MOW-card. Eventually, the abundance of locks and resistant doors make it tricky to move around carrying a coffee cup, let alone two.

In general, our coworking crawling was a fun and educational experience. Fortunately, we get the chance to put the knowledge to practice right away;)

More office design articles are coming soon, stay tuned and learn with us!