What Works in a Coworking Design – ? Coworking Crawling – Part One!

What is the best way to understand design? Test it, of course. Thus, to know even better what works and what doesn’t in a coworking design, we did some proper coworking crawling in Helsinki. Here is the summary of our discoveries!

Fortunately, Helsinki has several coworking options. Each one has its strong and week points, we, however, focused mainly on the design solutions in the following ones:

#1 Microsoft Flux

Friendly and free. Nice vibe, free coffee and lots of smart nerdy guys inside.
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Korkeavuorenkatu 35,
00130 Helsinki

What Works?
Successful Design Solutions:

–  Diversity. Here you can find, all that a coworking needs: comfortable workstations, meeting rooms, lounge areas, kitchen and phone booths
–  Just the right style. The look and the feel of the space is perfect for start-ups, colorful, friendly and not too out there. The overall vibe, makes a visitor feel welcomed and belonging.
–  Attention to details. Quilted dividers, fun stickers, plants on the window sills. Small things matter in the big picture.

What Would Make It Even Better?
Possible Design Improvements:

– Ergonomic furniture in the common areas. Understandably, the most convenient workstations at Flux are reserved for in-house startups. Thus, other visitors use the kitchen and the lounge area for working. Eventually, working for several hours in a basic lounge chair can be harmful for one’s back.
– Better guidance system. Do you know there is a big, dramatic meeting room on the left from the entrance? If you haven’t attended the welcoming guiding tour you might miss out on that and other hidden treasures of Microsoft Flux.
– Kitchen usability. With so many people hanging around whole day, the coworking could benefit from more comfortable dining spots, where the inhabitants could comfortably consume their lunch

#2 HUB13

Various spaces and services for companies and individuals. Central location, flexible pricing.
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Kaisaniemenkatu 13,
00100 Helsinki

What Works?
Successful Design Solutions:

– Clear planning. The whole place is well divided into a mobile working area, designated spaces and meeting rooms. Even a newbie can easily find his way around get acquainted with the premises in a few minutes.
– Central kitchen location. A kitchen with a coffee machine and black boards is located right between the designated rooms, mobile hall and the seminar space. Generally, a kitchen is the heart of any space, thus here the location is perfect!
– Great events space. Additionally, right in the middle of the premises you can find a large functional room for presentations and seminars. The surrounding walls provide a visual access and perfect sound isolation. Therefore, active events and focused work can co-exist successfully side by side.

What Would Make It Even Better?
Possible Design Improvements:

– More branded look & feel. By and large, HUB 13 spatial design could benefit from more memorable, bold colors, branded stickers and stylish furniture.
– Opportunity for standing work. Even though the mobile working space offers some bar tables and chairs, they are hardly used. More flexible workstations with an opportunity to work behind a height-adjustable table, is a must nowadays!
– Kitchen size and functionality. As mentioned above, the kitchen has a perfect location. However, considering the size of the premises in general, an even bigger kitchen could be a welcomed solution.

…to be continued….