Beyond co-working at Regus Kora community

Generally, young, innovative companies that target fast growth and successful exit are known as “startups”. Currently, in Finland, especially in Helsinki, startups world is growing at the highest speed. Consequently, those young companies have special demands forming a new market for service providers. Recently, one of them, a new co-working and collaboration community – Kora by Regus, landed in Otaniemi, Espoo.


Kora is a spin-off project from the Regus company and is already all over across Finland: in Espoo, Lappeenranta and Tampere. Typically, a Kora space is in the heart of a university campus, close to the students and young companies. Kora is offering spaces for rent at a different scale, organizing events and providing services for startups. Additionally, in the future there will be even a hostel room at the premises, allowing visitors from other cities to stay over and avoid an unnecessary traveling. Kora includes an international membership, which means that being a member or the community you can use all the services in any location across the world!

Semi-private open office and brainstorming facilities, at Kora in Otaniemi, Espoo
Semi-private open office and brainstorming facilities, at Kora in Otaniemi, Espoo


Understandably, a sense of community is very important at Kora. By and large, co-working spaces are created for people, who could as well work anywhere remotely. However, the true winners understand the value and the power of collaboration. Obviously, an office, in this case, is more than just a workspace. It is a place to meet people, network, share new thoughts and ideas. A good co-working space encourages collaboration since, consequently, together we will achieve more than each one of us would individually!

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Ida Broms,
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