Bathroom Interior Design: Come to the Dark side

For the second entry for the bathroom interior design competition we went to the dark side of luxury.

One thing we, clearly, love about the competition is there are no budget restrictions. The sky is the limit: large spaces, expensive materials, intricate lighting – bring it on!

How it all started:

As we have explained in the previous post, bathtubs retailer Salini and web-community 3DDD organized a bathroom interior design contest. Fortunately, we got to know about the competition at the very start, since we visit 3DDD web-site on a daily basis.

This online community have gathered a large library of 3D models, through engaging 3D artists across Russia and beyond. In addition to the model library, which is accessible to PRO-members, the web-portal often organizes competitions.

This time the challenge was to create a luxurious bathroom interior design with installation of one of the Salini’s bathtub models.

Creating catalog renderings for products is one of our favorite types of projects. Moreover, by participating in a competition we get a break from the routine project work. We can have our creativity unleashed, while simultaneously polishing our 3D modeling skills.

Capture Design for Salini
The dark side of luxury, bathroom interior design for Salini

The dark side of luxury, bathroom interior design for Salini

Design Inspiration & Solutions

Mainly, this concept meant to be appealing for both male and female audience. The dark rich stone creates intense chic feeling. The white glossy bathtub shines in the rough dark background.

Furthermore, a wide open terrace with elegant reclining chairs is enhancing the feeling of freedom and luxury. Finally, small details like the brass mirror and Art-Deco side table add the necessary drop of liveliness to the space.

For similar reasons, we used here the Cira model by Salini. It has a touch of historical heritage in its shape. Eventually, modern design can only benefit from an infusion of vintage objects or unexpected colors.

We warmly welcome your support for our competition work, if you are not registered at 3DDD portal, feel free to do it or just send us some positive vibes! We highly appreciate that too!

Salini Cira by Capture Design