Café Vintage in Como, Italy. Let the time stop.

In the Café Vintage in Como the time stops. Forgetting the time is crucial when you are planning to enjoy the authentic Italian atmosphere with fine wines and delicious food.

Initially, we got a recommendation from our Airbnb host to visit the café. However, further on, we stumbled across its welcoming terrace during one of the walks. From a first glance, it was clear that the Vintage Jazz Food & Wine Café located in the center of Como is a must-see for two designers. Fortunately, the place is open every day, apart from Monday, and is serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and aperitifs.

Design Basics: Vintage vs. Retro

In general terms, “Vintage” items are the ones that compile personal collections “Vintage” objects are usually over 20 years old, and obtain rare or unique qualities.
Meanwhile “Retro” items, on the other hand, simply replicate the style of the old times. Therefore, the style of Vintage Jazz Food & Wine Café could be better described as “Retro” design.

For instance, various old chairs and pictures on the walls, corny old leather armchairs, and wooden wine boxes scattered across the space are the main elements of the Retro style.

Cafe Vintage
Old-fashioned atmosphere at the Café Vintage in Como
Cafe Vintage
Few fun details of the interior design

Atmosphere & Menu

Supporting the outgoing Italian spirit, the design is flowing from inner spaces of the café to the street through widely open glass doors. In the outside terrace you can find locals and tourists, enjoying their evenings by the bar tables. Fortunately to the visitors, Vintage Jazz Food & Wine offers a wide range of Italian wines and dishes. Eventually, we went for pasta pomodoro and a raw meat steak, tartare*.

Vintage Jazz Food & Wine is located in Via Olginati 14. If you are traveling to Como, we definitely recommend scheduling a visit to this place.

Sincerely yours, Ida Broms
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** For more information, regarding our food experience, please have a look at the article from GourmetPassi blog.